JobAcute is a Professional Job Network which provides Jobseekers with Unadvertised Direct Job openings & MNC Referrals directly on their WhatsApp with the help of Professional Networking.

Applying to lots of Unadvertised Direct Job openings directly from the Recruiters and also getting quality MNC Referrals directly from the MNC’s Employees through JobAcute Job Network helps Jobseekers to get hired Easily & Faster.

How JobAcute Works

A simple illustration to give you a brief idea of working of JobAcute Job Network.

Why 80% Jobs & Referrals are never advertised

Finding the right candidates to hire is one of the biggest and most time-consuming challenge companies faces.

Posting a job publicly results in a flood of anonymous resumes. Given the choice, most employers prefer to fill positions without advertising. It saves money, time and avoids the hassle of conducting unnecessary interviews.

Rather than advertise positions, companies are hiring through Networks and Referrals.

How can you apply to Unadvertised Jobs & Referrals ?

Believe it or not, there are lots of job seekers who don’t know that 80% of the job opportunities out there are not advertised.

This means that only one in five jobs is ever advertised.  In order to find most job leads, leading to most interviews and job offers, job-seekers must go beyond online job boards and search engines and explore the unadvertised job market.

Once you discover how to tap into the unadvertised job market, you will find that it’s less competitive and rigid.

Hiring Pyramid : Truth & Reality of Hiring System in India.